Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to Cook “Pinaupong Manok”, A Filipino Dish


Pinaupong Manok” is a Filipino specialty that you should learn how to cook, if you plan to learn about Pinoy dishes. It’s one of the simplest but most delicious ways of cooking chicken.


1. Slice tomatoes and onions thinly.

2. Put the tomatoes and onions inside the whole chicken; don’t slice the chicken into pieces. Just remove the internal organs, so that a cavity in the center is left for you to place the tomatoes and onions.

3. Massage sufficient amount of salt all over the chicken. You can add some spices such as, lemongrass, ginger, onions, olive oil and pepper, if you want. This will make the dish tastier. Include the inner portions of the chicken when adding the spices. You can use your fingers to allow the fleshy portions to absorb/imbibe the spices.

4. Place in a pot and cover.

5. Cook under the lowest flame possible for an hour.

6. After cooking, the chicken stock that comes out can be used to make a wonderful sauce. Just decant the oil and add the stock to a little soy sauce with one chopped onion and tomatoes.

7. This way of cooking allows the chicken to cook slowly in its own juices and enhances the natural flavor of chicken. The onion and tomatoes adds to the flavor and the sauce is optional. Tips Cook over low flame to ensure that the chicken is properly cooked.


Cook over low flame to ensure that the chicken is properly cooked.