Sunday, May 17, 2015

How to Cook “Tortang Talong” (Eggplant Omelet)

This is one of the favorite dishes of Filipinos for breakfast. It’s also simple to cook, and is a scrumptious dish that you will certainly enjoy.


4 pieces of eggplant
3 pieces of eggs Salt to taste Cooking oil

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1. Wash the eggplant thoroughly.

2. Roast or boil them.

3. Skin them, leaving the stem, so you can hold each eggplant just by using the stem. Set aside.

4. Prepare the frying pan, and add enough oil after sufficiently heating the pan.

5. Prepare the eggs by breaking them and then putting the contents in a bowl to stir and mix the egg white with the yolk until there’s uniform consistency.

6. Add salt to taste.

7. Immerse the skinned eggplants into the egg mixture and allow them to seep in the egg mixture.

8. Fry the eggplant with the egg, one by one.

9. Each time you fry an eggplant, add more egg mixture on top.

10.Invert to cook the other side.

11.Transfer to a clean container.

12.Serve hot.

Tips for eggplant omelet 

• You can use catsup when eating eggplant omelet (ketchup) to add more taste.
• Don’t overcook.
• Spread the eggplant before immersing in the egg mixture so that the mixture will seep through the eggplant.