Friday, November 29, 2013

How to Cook Bicol Express

 By: Nikes Alviz

Things you need

•    20-30 pcs Long Chili Pepper Green, seeded, and sliced (amount depends on how spicy you want it)
•    10 pcs Red Chili Pepper (Labuyo), sliced (amount depends on how spicy you want it)
•    1 tbsp salt
•    2 cups coconut milk (amount depends upon your preference for more or less broth)
•    ¼ - ½ cup fresh alamang bagoong (young shrimps/anchovies) (Try to estimate how salty, since some alamang are saltier than others)
•    1 kg pork belly, diced (you can also use menudo cuts since pork bellies have higher fat content)
•    3 cloves garlic, minced
•    1 medium sized onion, minced
•    1 cup think coconut cream

(Take note that coconut cream is different form coconut milk, coconut milk is the common “gata” while coconut cream can be bought in supermarkets in cans or tetra packs)(Both Coconut Milk and Coconut cream can be found in SM hypermarket or Marquee’s supermarket)

Cooking Procedure

• In a deep skillet, pan or casserole, saute’ garlic and onion in low heat until onion turns translucent
• Add coconut milk, salt, pork belly and alamang.
• Bring to a boil under medium heat with constant stirring
• Once boiling, put green chili peppers
• Let it simmer under medium heat until half the liquid has evaporated (if you want it a little dry, simmer until ¾ of the liquid has evaporated)
• Add coconut cream and red chili peppers and again simmer until the oil comes out from coconut cream with occasional stirring
• If you want it less spicy, put the red chili peppers AFTER cooking and just garnish them on top to give color


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