Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to Cook “Tortang Talong” (Eggplant Omelet)

Tortang Talong, Image credit:

4 pcs. eggplant
4 fresh eggs
Cooking oil


1.    Wash the eggplants thoroughly.
2.     Boil or roast them in whole. Do not cut the stem, so you could hold the eggplants in that portion.
3.    After boiling or roasting, skin them and set aside.
4.    Break the eggs’ shell and mix the yolk and white portion just like when you cook them scrambled.
5.    Add salt to taste. You can add other seasonings, if you want.
6.    Heat the frying pan and add oil.
7.    Get the eggplant one by one and, with a fork, spread and marinate them with the egg.
8.    When the cooking oil is hot enough, fry now the eggplant marinated in the egg, one by one. If you have a big frying pan, then you can cook two simultaneously.
9.    You can pour the egg mix on top to ensure sufficient egg for one eggplant. Be sure the eggplant has been spread.
10.    Cook over low heat.
11.    As soon as the eggplant starts to turn brown, turn the other side. Cook evenly, and then do likewise with the rest of the eggplants.


•    There are some eggplants, which may be rotten inside, so you would know this when you spread the boiled or roasted eggplant with a fork. Press the fork gently on the eggplant so that it gets spread but not separated or minced.
•    Once you fry, watch over it because it cooks quickly. Don’t leave what you’re cooking.
•    You could add more egg or reduce the number based on your preferences.
•    You could also add more eggplant, if you want.
•    Vegetable oil or olive oil is preferable than meat oil because it is healthier, and contains good fats.
•    This dish is good with rice for nutritious and sumptuous breakfast meals.