Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fruit Salad Mix: Filipino-Kalinga Style

(Good for 3 people)


5 pcs apple
3 pcs peaches
1 pc pineapple
3 boxes prunes
1 big bottle nata de coco
1 bottle mayonnaise
2 cans condensed milk
1 regular bar cheese


1.      Wash all fruits thoroughly.
2.      Peel and cut into 1/3 inch.
3.      Place all fruits in one appropriate container
4.      Discard the liquid from the nata de coco and mix with the fruits.
5.      Add the prunes, mayonnaise, and milk, then mx again.
6.      Cut the cheese into small ¼ inch cubes and mix thoroughly until all of the ingredients are mixed.
7.      Store at refrigerated temperatures for best taste.
8.      Serve cold.


·         You can use canned assorted fruits for convenience. All you have to do is drain and mix with mayonnaise, milk, and chees.  You can add other fruits too.

·         If you want a sweeter salad, add more condensed milk.

·         You can top the salad with fresh strawberries.