Monday, April 2, 2012


(5-7 Servings)


* 20 pieces cheese sticks, at least 2 inches long stick

* 1 cup bread crumbs

* 1 egg white

* Cooking oil for deep frying

* White ground pepper


* In a deep frying pan, preheat the cooking oil over a medium heat.

* Roll each cheese sticks into the egg, and roll again unto the bread crumbs.

* Repeat the procedure #2 until all cheese stick were done.

* When the cooking oil almost hot, gently put the cheese sticks into the hot cooking oil,deep fry it until golden brown.

* Removed from the oil and drain the tempura cheese into a kitchen paper.

* Transfer the tempura cheese into a serving tray.

* Ready to serve.


- You can also use mayonnaise or cheese spread for dippings.

- You can also use the siomai wrapper than bread crumbs.

- Your kids will surely going to like tempura cheese so better cook more.

- It so easy to prepare, easy to cook and also cheaper than the other recipes for our kids.

By: Forever Young “,)

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