Tuesday, April 3, 2012


(1-2 Servings)


*1 cup young onion, sliced and stripped

*3 tablespoons soy sauce

*1 teaspoon black ground pepper

*4 eggs, slightly beaten

* 2 tablespoons olive oil


* Preheat the pan over a medium heat, wait until hot.

* Pour the olive oil and wait for a couple of seconds or until the oil is already hot.

* Saute the onion, stir, cook until the onions turned into golden brown.

* Add the soy sauce into the mixture and sprinkle with black ground pepper.

* Gently pour the beaten eggs, let it cook for over 2 minutes then turn the brown onion omelet into other side and cook for another 2 minutes.

* Removed from the heat and transfer the brown onion omelet into a serving tray.

*Ready to serve.


- Adding more soy sauce as one of your ingredients is only optional, if you don’t want the brown onion omelete to be colorful, we can still use salt as substitute for the soy sauce, but let still the onion be cooked until golden brown.

-You can add more eggs and spices if you want to.

- Serve with hot rice as viand or serve with toasted bread.

- Brown onion omelet has an aroma that will really give you an appetite, good smell.

- Most of the Korean people love the smell of the taste of the brown onion omelet.

By: Forever Young “,)

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