Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smoothy Cantaloupe Cooling Refreshment

(1-2 Servings)


* 4 scoops Vanilla ice cream

* 2 cups melon fruit


* Remove the outer skin of the melon fruit. Divide it into 2 part, remove the seeds and the center part of the melon by using a spoon.

* Slice melon into bite size.

* Put the sliced melon and the scooped ice cream into a blender or electric food processor.

* Blend the mixture until smoothened.

* Transfer the Smoothy Cantaloupe Cooler into a serving glass.

* Ready to serve.


* You can transfer the Smoothy Cantaloupe Cooler into a plastic ware to refrigerate or to chill.

* In serving, you may add more designs in your glass such as cherry with straw, strawberry, lemon slice or another scoop of ice cream.

* Adding more vanilla ice cream will surely add more great taste to this recipe.

* Best refreshing snack.

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