Friday, February 17, 2012

Filipino Dish: Beefy Shanghai

(15-20 Servings)


*2 cups ground beef

*2 cups shrimp, cleaned, skinned and finely chopped

*1 cup water chestnuts (Apulid), finely chopped

*1/2 cup onion leaves, finely minced

*2 tablespoon / 1 table spoon salt

*2 tablespoon of black ground pepper

*2 eggs, slightly beaten

*2 table spoon soy sauce

*Lumpia wrapper

*Cooking oil (deep frying)


*In a clean large bowl, combined the ground beef, shrimp, water chestnuts (apulid), onion leaves, egg and soy sauce. Mix well.

*Season with salt and ground black pepper to taste, and continue mixing.

*Put at least 3 tablespoons of the mixture into lumpia wrapper.

*Roll gently and close the wrapper using a small amount of water in hands, be sure that the mixture will not come out from its wrapper and wrapped properly, one at a time until all the mixture were already consumed and wrapped, place all wrapped into a tray.

*Heat the deep frying pan over a high heat until the pan is already very hot.

*Gently pour the cooking oil for deep frying, let the oil heat for 3 minutes or until the cooking oil were already hot.

*Gently soak each beefy shanghai, one at a time.

*Let it fry for 3 minutes or until golden brown.

*Removed from the heat or from the oil and let it drained on a clean kitchen paper or tissue paper.

*Transfer the beefy shanghai into a serving plate or tray with desired dippings.

*Ready to serve.


- Beefy shanghai can be dip or perfect sauce such as; creamy cheese (cheese whiz), sweet or sour sauce, sweet chili sauce, ketchup, soy –calamansi sauce, vinegar, ETC.

- It can also be serve during snack time.

-Serve with parley leaves for design.

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