Sunday, August 22, 2010




200 grams sticky rice

800 grams white sugar

400 grams margarine

400 grams ordinary rice

100 grams peanut

6 cups coconut milk

3 teaspoons vanilla

Banana leaves


· Combine the sticky rice and the ordinary rice together in a pan, pour the coconut milk and cook until fine.

· Add all the left ingredients except the banana leaves. Mix very well and cook until sticky and done. Remove from the heat.

· Wrapped the mixture in the banana leaves, in any desired size.

· Repeat third steps until all the mixture has been used.

· Arrange all the wrapped suman into a casserole (standing position).

· Add 2 cups of water and bring to the boil.

· Remove from the casserole and drain. After draining, place the Moron Suman to a serving platter.

· Serve hot or cold.


- Moron Suman is a native Filipino dish (Philippines, Asia).

- Moron Suman is best to serve with coffee or hot chocolate drink.

- We can also dip Moon Suman into sugar before serving if you prefer to add more sweetness.

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