Thursday, July 15, 2010



(Serves 4)


4 fried fish, new cooked or left-over may do so

1 bundle squash flower, cleaned

1 cup saluyot leaves

1 cup string beans, cut into inch length

2-3 tablespoons preserved fish etract (bagoong)

1 cup water


· To clean the squash flower, remove the nectar part of the flower and also the thick parts.

· Boil cup of water in a small pan with a medium heat.

· Add the fish etract or bagoong and let it boil for at least a minute. Add the string beans, cook for 3 minutes or until the string beans are already tender or half-cooked.

· Add the saluyot leaves and the squash flower. Cook for about a minute or until the vegetables are already cooked.

· Serve hot with fried fish as the toppings.

Dinengdeng or Binagoongan is the common favorites of Ilocano folks (Ilocos Region, Philippines). Many of them live simply or take life as a simple one. They love planting so that if they want to eat or cook something, they will only just harvest their own plants. No need for them to go into the market and buy.

According to them, why would they waste their money buying expensive foods while they can plant and have their own in the back yard. Less money consuming, healthier because no preservatives, all natural, also way to earn money for them by selling their harvested products and at the same time planting exercises their body.

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